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Electronic Control Modules, Ignition & Distributors

The ignition coil produces high voltage which is necessary to ignite the air/fuel mixture in combustion chamber. Faulty ignition coil might result in misfires that can damage your vehicle. Our ignition coil is designed to reduce energy loss and for peak performance. This highly built coil comes with ignition coil boot and ignition coil cover to save your vehicle from any uncertain condition.

Pickup coil is a simple plug and play part that is designed to meet or exceed OE specifications in form, fit and function. Our parts are guaranteed with superior performance and reliability. Push button starter kit available in our store includes a RFID immobilizer anti-theft along with electric central lock. Do check our online portal to see all parts that we have in our inventory.

We are one of the leading sellers of auto parts in USA. We deal in all kinds of standard and customized auto parts of all makes and models. From electronic control modules ignition & distributors to small parts like the glow plugs, our site has it all. Shop from us and get long lasting accessories and parts.

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