Frequently Asked Questions for www.asautoparts.com

Question: Will Company send me a receipt with myorder?

Answer: No, please print the order confirmationas the receipt. A packing slip will be included with your order.

Question: I did not get an order number afterplacing my order. What should I do?

Answer: You can view your order history bydoing the following: Login to your www.asautoparts.com account byclicking the 'Login'link in the menu navigation. Click on the 'My Orders' link. A list of your orders, which arecurrently in process as well as past completed orders will be displayed. Clickan order number to view additional details about the particular order.

If you are still unableto retrieve your order number, please send us an email by submitting Contact Us form (please login if prompted to do so)and one of our Customer Support Representative will contact you shortly. Pleasenote the Customer Service desk hours: Monday-Friday8am EST to 5:30pm EST.

Note: If you have a SPAM blocker setting inyour email account, please add our email address support@asautoparts.com toyour acceptation rule. If you do not add our email address, you will notreceive important notifications regarding your order or replies to customerservice email inquiries.

Question: When and how my orders will be received?

Answer: Orders are usually shipped by FedEx,UPS, and USPS. We try to ship all orders within the first 48 hours based onstock levels but typically we state 5-7 working days for Ground Shipping.Express Shipping options are available as an option in checkout. However, ifyou selected Ground Shipping and want express, please send us an email usingour Contact Us form(please login ifprompted to do so) along with your ID.

To learn moreabout our Shipping Policies, please click the here.

To check thestatus of your order, click here.

Question: Can I check the status of my order? If yes,how can I? Can I track my order using the order number?

Answer: ASAuto Parts Inc. will generate an order number for all the transactions.This Order Number is used as a reference in our ordering system. Once you haveplaced an order, you will be given an order number, which you will use to checkon your online purchase. To track your order number, click on My Account and review yourorder details.

Just in case youdo not know your order number and need our assistance to retrieve it, pleasegive us a call at +1-336-778-3834 or contact us by clicking here and provide us the orderinformation such as the date you had placed an order, your full name you usedin the billing section (not ship to section) of the checkout page when you madeyou made your purchase and we'll happily advise you the details of yourrecords.

Note: If you have a SPAM blocker setting inyour email account, please add our email address support@asautoparts.com to your acceptation rule. If you do not addour email address, you will not receive important notifications regarding yourorder or replies to customer service email inquiries.

Question: Can I have my very own account and how can I signup for my account?

Answer: : Yes, you canand also to sign up for My Account, click on the Register Link on www.asautoparts.com home page. Provideus your full name, current email address, and preferred password. That's it, youare ready. When you click create your Account tab, you will get confirmationpage which will confirm that your account has been created.

Question: Why should I create my account?

Answer: : By creating afree account on www.asautoparts.com, you will get following advantages: Safely store yourpersonal (shipping and billing addresses) information for faster ordering.

Recall your savedshopping cart from the different computer.

View the statusof the orders.

Safely store yourvehicles' information to ensure that only you are able to see items that suityour selected vehicle.

Receive exclusiveemail offers and discounts.

Get pre-informedearly notification on clearance products for your specific vehicle.

Question: Is it mandatory to give you my ID's? Whyshould I send on the copy of my billing statement, valid ID along with aphotocopy of the credit card?

Answer: : Just to ensurethe authenticity of orders, we have to verify the billing address and CreditCard owner for orders which have a delivery address that is different from itsbilling. This really is the sole discretion of AS Auto Parts Inc. to verify theidentity of the cardholder, regardlessof the amount involved.On the other hand, this action also secures our customers, which help usimprove quality of business in addition to minimize risk element. This is alsoneeded for our international customers who are using credit card either usingour freight forwarding partners TNT etc.

Question: Why did not I get an e-mail confirmation?

Answer: : Wronge-mail address might have been entered. Please send us an email (please login if prompted to do so)with your Order ID and we will confirm that your order has been placed.

Note: If you have a SPAM blocker setting inyour email account, please add our email address support@asautoparts.com to your acceptation rule. If you do not addour email address, you will not receive important notifications regarding yourorder or replies to customer service email inquiries.

Question: How can I find my tracking number?

Answer: : You can find the tracking number for yourorder by doing following:

Login to your www.asautoparts.com account byclicking the 'Login' linkin the menu navigation. Click on the 'My Orders' link, a list of your orderswith their status will be shown. Click on the Order ID for the order you need trackinginformation for. Scroll down to the 'Shipments' section to find out your trackingnumber. Tracking number are only available for the orders with the status'Complete'.

Question: Trouble logging-in? Forgot my username and/orpassword. How do I retrieve it?

Answer: : Login user names and passwords arecase-sensitive. Please make sure to login with the same combination of upperand lower case characters (alpha and numeric characters) you used at the timeof registration. Passwords must be within 6 -15 characters long. In order toretrieve a lost username and/or password, please provide us with anyinformation you have (i.e. order number, full name, etc.) which can be helpfulidentifying you and help us to find your login details. You can email at support@asautoparts.com mentioningForgot Password in subject of email or go to Your Account and click the Forgot Your Password link. Enter the emailaddress you registered with, and your login details will be emailed to youshortly.

Question: If my ordered part is not available then whatabout my order invoice?

Answer: : At www.asautoparts.com, buyerssatisfaction is very important to all of us. We make sure that every product weoffer at our website is available in our stock. However, to be able to providethe largest selection of parts at times we use "drop ship" partners toenhance our inventory stocks. We run numerous data feeds and checks to makesure that these parts are in stock. However, we check other vendors for theavailability of your ordered part (that might delay an shipment of your order).

We will try ourlevel best and utilize all means available to cater your needs, however, afterwe have exhausted all means possible in trying to locate the part you ordered,we will issue a refund and notify you via email. The refund process starts assoon as the problem is determined and will take 2-7 days for the amount to becredited back to your account, and to the payment method you used.

Question: Can I cancel my order?

Answer: : Yes, you can& please refer to our OrderCancellation Policy for a detailed explanation of how to cancelyour order.

Payment Faqs

Question: How can I pay and what methods of payment do youaccept?

Answer: : We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card or through PayPal, Bill-Me-Later and Google Checkout. However, wecannot process credit cards that are outside the US or have a billing addressoutside the US. In addition, www.asautoparts.com cannot processcredit cards from U.S. Territories or having a billing address residing in aU.S. territory.

Question: If I do not have credit card, what exactly are myoptions? Can I pay through non charge card ways and do you accept cards, moneyorder, or wire transfer as payment options?

Answer: : Yes, AS Auto Parts Inc. accepts check, moneyorder, and wire transfer (or electronic debit) as payment options. However,since there is a confirmation process involved, with such modes of payment it candelay the processing of your order.

Question: How do I use PayPal, Google Checkout, and Bill MeLater?

Answer: : To facilitate your prompt orderprocess, around the E-Checkout Page, you will notice the buttons or checkboxesfor PayPal, Google Checkout and Bill Me Later. Click or check one of them, youwill be prompted to sign into your account. If you don't have an existingaccount for any of these payment processors, you will have to register withthese services before completing the checkout process.

Question: I have trouble with payment method. I attempted checkingout with Bill Me Later but my credit request was denied. Why? What are thepre-approval requirements?

Answer: : Since we do not involve in the makingof these accounts, simply it is between your buyer and the credit grantor to lookin the matter. In case your credit request is denied, it is possible that thepurchase you are attempting to make is greater than your current availablecredit. If the purchase is within your credit limit, there might be an issuewith your credit record. Please refer to BillMe Later credit section to learn more, or take a look at Bill MeLater's Account Agreement as well as their website for detailedinformation and help.

Question: Will my credit card be billed immediately?

Answer: : Your credit card will be billed justbefore shipping. Any problem with your credit card can result in shipping delay.Please make certain your contact details are correct just in case we have toverify your credit card.

Note: You may see an authorization reflected onyour statement prior to the transaction is complete. This is to ensure that thecard provided is valid & that the funds are available. If at any timebefore shipping you cancel an order, the authorization will be removed.

Question: How do I know my transaction is safe?

Answer: :To protect you from cybercrimes like identitytheft and credit card fraud, our site is regularly checked and tested to passthe HACKER SAFE Security Scan. A "live"HACKER SAFE mark only appears when a web site has passed HACKER SAFE standards.

ASAuto Parts Inc.uses the strongest level of security available in the Internet, called the SecureSocket Layer (SSL) technology. It encrypts information sent through theInternet and ensures that this information maintains its integrity allthroughout the transmission. That means only All Star Auto Solutions Inc. canread your personal information.

Please refer to our Privacyand Security section for more information.

Question: My order was cancelled. Why has my credit cardbeen charged? Exactly what is a Credit Card Authorization?

Answer: : www.asautoparts.com